house plan DubboTechnical drawing is also known as drafting (draughting) are plans drawn to scale which accurately communicate a design or function to a builder or manufacturer. In the case of the residential or commercial building and construction industry the drawings can also be known as architectural drawings. Many of the technical drawings or plans in Australia and of course Dubbo, are made by draftspersons. It is their job to ensure that a three dimensional construction is accurately communicated in two dimensions so builders have a precise template to follow during construction.


Traditionally, a drafter (draftsperson) sketched plans on a drawing table but since the advent of computers and specialised Computer Aided Design (CAD) software the work is now done entirely on workstations or laptops. The use of professional CAD software like AutoCAD is highly specialised and takes time and effort to master however these aids to design offer unparalleled accuracy and portability. With data being transferred over the internet at the speed of light, precise plans can be transferred from designer to drafter to builder almost instantly with no loss of precision.


CAD also offers the ability to render drawings in 3D so the completed project can be brought to life, assisting not only the designer to visualise the completed project but also the intended end user. This can greatly enhance the experience for the new home builder or commercial client without the need of a graphic designer or architectural illustrator. Drafting is one area that has massively benefited from technology and improvements are being made constantly. The team at Avalon Drafting Dubbo take full advantage of the latest developments to make sure you receive the best result possible.

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